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Title: Shout Out Loud! (Sakende Yaruze!)
Author: Satosumi Takaguchi
Publishing Company: Blu
Rating: PG-13 (sex talk)
Plot: 5
Summary: After losing his mother, high school sophomore Nakaya shows up on his father’s doorstep. Having never met him, Shino (a voice-actor) nonetheless welcomes his son with open arms. When his anime voice acting gig ends, Shino takes up work doing boys’ love drama cds to make ends meet. Between learning to become a father and dealing with some interesting new co-workers, Shino’s life gets more than a little interesting.
Production: Standard Blu/Tokyopop. Looks good. No idea of the translation, I’ve never read it before.
Sample art: Cover art and link to Blu's summary
Cost: US $9.99; CAN $12.99; UK 6.99
Thoughts:Collapse )
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Title: Gorgeous Carat Vol. 1: Virtue of Darkness
Author: You Higuri
Publishing Company: Blu
Rating: Volume 1 is pretty light stuff- PG to PG-13. There’s some violence, and that’s about it.
Plot: 5, especially as far as BL goes
Summary: Turn-of-the-century Paris. The nobles of the city are being plagued by the mysterious phantom thief Noir; a handsome young man who enjoys the cut of a good stone. When Noir spots the amethyst eyes of the young Lord Florian, he immediately adds him to his list of acquisitions. Florian goes from the position of lord to one of a slave. What does Noir want with him, and is there more to the phantom thief than meets the eye?
Production: No bells or whistles, like Earthian has. The format is pretty standard American release, with a glossy cover. However, the print was perfectly acceptable, and the translation was on par with the scans (as far as I could tell). There were pages that were more defined with my scanned versions, but that’s to be expected. In other words, I felt that Blu did a really nice job with this title.
Sample art: Cover Art (German?) and Random Color Art
Cost: US $9.99, CAN $12.99, UK £6.99
Story Review:Collapse )
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To kick off this community and offer some substance before I began plugging it at other sites, I'll review my current favorite BL series.

Title: La Esperanca Volume 1
Author: Chigusa Kawai
Publishing Company: DMP
Rating: PG
Plot: 4
Summary: Georges, the innocent elite student of a religious school, begins to question himself and his faith after meeting the delinquent Robert. But what begins for Robert as a vindictive game to shatter Georges' world soon becomes journey into both his past and his desires. It's good boy meets bad boy with more than a few twists in the mix.
Production: Great. DPM rarely disappoints with their titles and La Esperanca is no exception with large, clean pages, a gorgeous book jacket and no annoying Americanisms.
Sample art: Cover and chapter art.
Cost: $12. 95
Thoughts: Because of its very beauty, because of its very delicacy, it is fragile and weak.Collapse )
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I will try to keep these mod posts as limited as possible, but the introduction one is unavoidable.

The idea for this community popped up around the same time my Borders started getting in a decent supply of yaoi and boys love manga. As excited as I was, I had other series to manage and couldn't attempt the doujinshi game, which is basically where you blow a whole bunch of money on something you're only vaguely sure what's inside. I tried to find information about the licensed series throughout the Internet, but nobody was telling me everything I wanted to know. I hope this community will solve that problem and benefit many manga fans.

Also, depending on the activity here, I may be in need of a co-mod. Those interested in the position may apply below. Really all I need to know is how often you'll be available and some contact info.

Everyone else, please read the USER INFO. It should address any questions you have. Oh, and if anyone could come up with a nifty term to encompass both f/f and m/m relationships, I'd love you forever.

And if you approve of this idea, please pimp to others. Believe me, I don't have the time or the money to generate more than a few monthly reviews by myelf. I would like this community to have a wide reach to best serve the public.

Happy reading.
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